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The Diamond Difference

For over 125 years, people from Oklahoma and around the world have come to BC Clark to find the best quality and the best prices on loose diamonds and diamond jewelry.

As you shop for your diamond, it will become apparent to you that our diamonds sparkle so much more than most. There are simple reasons for this big difference in brilliance. The most important reasons have to do with our high standards of quality and the way we buy our diamonds.

Quality Standards

All BC Clark diamonds are hand picked by our diamond experts and then carefully graded for color, perfection, finish and proportion. To insure our high quality standards are maintained, each diamond is graded not once – but twice – before it is made available for sale.

Choosing a BC Clark diamond that is graded “white” (or better) in color and “SI” (or better) internally assures you that your diamond is among those of rare and exceptional quality with the sparkle to match.

Potential BC Clark diamonds must also pass our rigid standards for cut before they are chosen. Fewer than three-percent pass the test!

We encourage you to shop and compare. The proof is in the sparkle and you will be able to see the difference that a quality BC Clark diamond makes.

The Way We Buy

We search the major markets of the world, eliminating the middle man and going directly to the major cutting sources. We take full advantage of many decades of experience dealing directly with major diamond cutters of the world, through our brokers in Belgium, South Africa, and Canada, and frequent trips to the Diamond Dealers Club in New York as well as overseas buying trips. Our volume buying power and reputation give us a unique advantage to offer you the best value possible.


When you shop for your diamond you will find BC Clark Jewelers has highly trained diamond experts who can answer your questions. The education of our sales staff is on-going with special in-house training, as well as formal education through the Gemological Institute of America. As a member of the American Gem Society, we can assure you the highest standards of ethics and education with a uniquely skilled staff that includes many titleholders in the American Gem Society.

Diamond Promise

Because of our commitment to your satisfaction, we offer you the BC Clark Promise. If your diamond is damaged in your first year of ownership, we will replace it at no cost to you with the return of the damaged diamond. The plan includes free cleaning and inspection for as long as you own your diamond. BC Clark also offers a special trade-in policy and a permanent record of your purchase. More good reasons to buy your diamond at BC Clark Jewelers.



The true beauty of a diamond can never be seen until it is properly cut and faceted. The angle between any two facets must be accurate to within very small tolerances to bring out the full fire and brilliance. Symmetry and polish are also critical to the sparkle in a diamond. Potential BC Clark diamonds must pass our rigid standards for cut before they are chosen. Fewer than three-percent pass the test!
This refers to the body color or interior color, not the surface rainbow of reflected light. Unlike most diamonds which have a slight tinge of yellow color, a BC Clark diamond that falls within our color range of exceptional white or fine white is truly rare, and exhibits a clarity of true white color and sparkle seldom seen today.
This refers to the degree to which the diamond is free of inclusions and impurities – often referred to as feathers, included crystals, clouds, or carbon spots. Our diamond experts will explain the differences, and why the typical BC Clark diamond falls in the upper ranges of clarity and how that results in greater sparkle!
Each diamond is accurately and meticulously measured by carat weight. 100 points equals one carat, therefore 50 points equal exactly one-half carat, or .50 carat. It is important to note that due to the extreme rarity of larger diamonds, as the diamond size gets larger, the price per carat increases at a much greater rate. For example, a one carat diamond of equal quality to a one-half carat diamond will cost three or four times as much, rather than twice as much!
BC Clark is the name that assures you the highest levels of trust and reliability that have been built and maintained by a family-owned company doing business in Oklahoma for over 125 years!

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