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For more than 120 years, BC Clark Jewelers has been the source for the finest quality and the best prices on loose diamonds and diamond jewelry.

Today, we offer many choices that cannot be found anywhere else in our market.

Forevermark Diamond

Forevermark is a diamond brand from The De Beers Group of Companies, which has a history of diamond expertise spanning more than 125 years. Every Forevermark diamond comes with a promise that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. This promise is symbolized by the unique inscription at its heart.

Selected by hand, less than 1% of the world’s diamonds are eligible to become a Forevermark diamond. During every step of its journey, strict criteria ensures that only the most beautiful diamonds are chosen to be inscribed as Forevermark. Invisible to the naked eye, the Forevermark inscription includes the Forevermark icon and a unique number. The inscription is 1/20th of a micron deep – 1/5,000th the depth of a human hair – and is placed on the table facet of the diamond, using confidential, proprietary technology.

Kotlar Cushion Diamond

The elite artistry and craftsmanship behind each Kotlar Cushion diamond make it worthy of the title “The world’s most brilliant cushion-cut diamond.” It is modeled after the antique cushion cut favored by 19th-century royalty and the legendary Second Star of Africa set in the British Imperial State Crown.

This restless quest to merge old-world artistry with modern sophistication reached its zenith with the Kotlar Cushion®. The Kotlar Cushion® was inspired by old-world nobility and given shape by the most advanced methods. A stone worthy of its title.

Hearts on Fire Diamond

Any diamond will light up a woman’s eyes, but only one will set her heart on fire. That’s because no other diamond has the bright, colorful and sparkly appeal of an authentic Hearts On Fire diamond. Every single Hearts On Fire diamond is precisely cut to create unequaled beauty.

As The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond, Hearts On Fire always optimizes all the classic elements of diamond beauty – brilliance, dispersion and scintillation. Other diamonds may be well-cut or even “ideal”, but Hearts On Fire is truly superlative. It is the first and only brand of diamonds cut to the highest level of perfection – every diamond, every time.

Hearts on Fire Dream Diamond

Dream® is the only fancy-shaped diamond designed to meet the standards set by Hearts On Fire. Dream displays true brilliance, fire and sparkle – the classic elements of diamond beauty – in a square frame.

Only a few dozen master diamond cutters in the world have the skills necessary to cut Dream. In fact, its unique performance and design are so exceptional that The Dream Diamond was granted a U.S. Patent. The bottom facets of Dream match those of the round-cut Hearts On Fire diamond, giving you the ultimate intensity and brilliance.

Lazare Diamond

Two things distinguish Lazare Diamonds from all the other diamonds. The first and most important is that all Lazare Diamonds are cut to ideal proportions. The ideal cut is a mathematical formula for cutting diamonds to precise angles and proportions to gain the optimum reflection and refraction of light. Second, every Lazare Diamond .18 carat and above has a logo and an individual identification number specially laser inscribed on its circumference. The logo is proof of authenticity as an ideal cut Lazare Diamond. The unique number is proof of ownership.

Firemark Princess Cut Diamond

A revolutionary new cut for maximum brilliance. For the first time, a Princess with brilliance that rivals an Ideal Round diamond. Other companies have advertising slogans or tag lines that claim their diamonds are the most perfectly cut. But the FireMark™ Princess has been put to the test by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world’s foremost diamond authority, and the Gem Certification & Assurance Lab (GCAL), a leader in grading the light performance of diamonds. And the results are unprecedented!

“Excellent” ratings from the GIA in both Polish and Symmetry
“Excellent” grades for Light Performance from GCAL

To be assured of superior cut and quality, look for the exclusive FireMark™ trademark lasered onto your diamond’s girdle.

Tycoon Cut Diamond

The Tycoon Cut is the most exciting new diamond look to come along in the new millennium. This new cut dramatizes the rare splendor of a diamond and produces dazzling brilliance. The secret of this brilliant stone is the nine crown facet design which creates a diamond-shaped table….the only diamond with a diamond on top.

Roberto Coin Cento Diamond

Italian designer Roberto Coin is always changing fashion, always innovating his collections and always following his beliefs for individuality. Cento (CHEN-TO) meaning “100” in Italian is one of Roberto Coin’s most innovative creations yet, named for the unique cut of the diamond. The Cento diamond is cut from the finest rough available and the 100 facets of the Cento makes it the most unique and individual diamond today capturing the ultimate fire. These additional facets allow the light to reflect and refract to create an exceptionally high degree of scintillating brilliance.

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