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Trending: John Hardy’s Fall Edit

John Hardy has shaken up the fall trends with their new sterlings silver collections, a twist on the company’s classic textures and silhouettes.

The Radial Collection

Wear the rays of the sun.

According to John Hardy, “the hand-carved Radial Collection features Mandala-inspired linework. The design was inspired by the sublime, symmetrical patterns found in our natural world.”

The meticulous attention to detail and the use of classic John Hardy textures gives you a sophisticated yet trendy look. True to the style of John Hardy, its gentle take on nature grounds you and inspires you to take in your surroundings like the rays of the sun.

Rata Chain

According to John Hardy, the all-new Rata Chain is an “iteration of intricate, multi-row weave inspired by traditional Balinese weaving techniques mythologized in our Mambal archive. Translating to “flat” or “smooth” in Balinese, Rata is a wide, low-profile weave achieved through a labor-intensive process.”

This new collection features a similar look to John Hardy’s classic chain but focuses on a smaller weave with a longer process featuring reclaimed metal links. Learn more about the extensive process and training underwent by the artisans at John Hardy.

Reticulated Metals

John Hardy describes this new and innovative ’21 collection as “a showcase of precious metals that have been reworked and transformed through the process of reticulation — a metalsmithing technique that uses a direct flame to heat the interior of metal to its molten state.”

This collection features stunning volcanic textures with a fire-marked finish. Each piece is truly one of a kind. True to John Hardy’s style, this collection features another element found in nature, fire. The artisans use intensity and focus to guide fire from hand-held torches to create this unique piece.

Want to learn more about the exquisite details in this collection? Check out this blog post.

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