You.Two. engagement campaign text lockup. Diamond engagement rings on couple's hands.

At the proposal, one's journey goes from You to Two.

This is the moment commitment happens.

To underscore the significance of this commitment, not just any ring will do.

It must be worthy of the moment, worthy of the life you envision together. It is symbolic of the first step into a couple’s future. It will bear witness to every shared milestone - happy, tragic, messy, or divine.

Countless journeys have started at BC Clark.
We are now setting out to share some of those stories.

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Joe & Jamie Lewallen

Welcome to the first episode of our new You.Two. podcast series capturing inspiring love stories from real-life couples. Countless marriages begin at BC Clark. As Oklahoma’s oldest jeweler, we have reveled in witnessing stories bloom, unfolding into beautiful epics. We are now telling some of those stories. In this episode, we meet Joe and Jamie Lewallen. […]

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