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Introducing Jade Trau

The Jade Trau collection is inspired by both vintage and contemporary designs. Her expertise in jewelry and diamonds being a fifth generation diamantaire, made her into the namesake brand she is today.

Each exquisite Jade Trau creation undergoes a transformative process, resulting in timeless designs meticulously crafted within the vibrant heart of New York City. Each collection is handcrafted using 18-karat gold, platinum, and ethically-sourced, natural diamonds, guaranteeing that your Jade Trau piece will radiate brilliance for generations to cherish.

Jade’s jewelry is manufactured and hand-finished under one roof in New York City. Using the highest quality materials, finest craftsmanship and responsibly sourced and conflict-free natural diamonds, she finds the beauty in the unseen and manifests this into her designs.

The brand focuses on storytelling and the individual connection jewelry holds. The essence of beauty lies in jewelry that is worn, as it gracefully accentuates one’s unique style. By embracing the diamond’s natural allure, Jade’s design philosophy evolves harmoniously to enhance its inherent elegance. Every creation from Jade Trau is crafted to evoke a transformation and reveal the wearer’s distinctive personality.

In addition to all of her unique pieces, she does full custom pieces just for you. From personalized nameplates to engravable charms and bracelets, discover Jade Trau’s favorite customizable pieces as well as her classic everyday wear.

Shop our unique Jade Trau pieces at our Downtown location! And keep an eye out for the new pieces that are coming soon!