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Our Diamond Difference

Our annual BIG DIAMOND SALE is coming up next month! This is the perfect time to shop for diamonds at BC Clark. Why? Because ALL diamonds are on sale with even deeper discounts on diamonds 1ct and larger.


See why selecting a diamond from BC Clark is so special with our diamond difference.

Owning a diamond from BC Clark means that you can be confident in your investment – now and in the future. For over 125 years, people have come to BC Clark to find the highest quality and the best prices on loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. As you shop, you will notice that our diamonds sparkle more, have more fire, and are more brilliant. It’s in the way we buy diamonds. We step beyond the conventional assessments and 4Cs to select only the finest to become BC Clark diamonds. Whether it is an engagement ring or diamond ear studs, we take pride in selecting only the best diamonds for our customers.

Quality and trust.


One of our most revered commitments to our customers is to provide the best quality at the best value. The way to assure this is by providing the highest level of education possible to our staff.

The Five C’s


The true beauty of a diamond is revealed by being properly cut and faceted. The angle between any two facets must be accurate to within very small tolerances to bring out the full fire and brilliance. Symmetry and polish are also critical to the sparkle in a diamond. BC Clark diamonds must pass our rigid standards for cutting before they are chosen.


A diamond’s color is measured by body color or interior color, not the surface rainbow of reflected light. Unlike most diamonds that have a slight tinge of yellow color, a BC Clark diamond that falls within our color range of colorless or near-colorless is truly rare and exhibits a clarity of true white color and sparkle seldom seen today.


Clarity refers to the degree to which the diamond is free of inclusions and impurities – often referred to as feathers, including crystals, clouds, or carbon spots. Our diamond experts will explain the differences, why the typical BC Clark diamond falls in the upper ranges of clarity, and how that results in greater sparkle.


Each diamond is accurately and meticulously measured by carat weight. 100 points equal one carat, therefore 50 points equal exactly one-half carat or .50 carat. It is important to note that due to the extreme rarity of larger diamonds, as the diamond size gets larger, the price per carat increases at a much greater rate. For example, a one-carat diamond of equal quality to a one-half-carat diamond will cost three or four times as much, rather than twice as much.


BC Clark is the name that assures you the highest levels of trust and reliability that have been built and maintained by a family-owned company doing business in Oklahoma for over 125 years.

Only the most beautiful diamonds will become a BC Clark diamond. All our diamonds are hand-selected by the Clark family and carefully graded for color, internal clarity, finish, proportion, and cut. To assure our high-quality standards, each diamond is graded by an independent laboratory and verified by a member of the Clark family (Certified Gemologist) before it is ready for sale.

So many good reasons to buy your diamonds at BC Clark!