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Sing the Jingle With Us!

In a year, when everything is different, we all want a bit of normal. A bit of tradition. And one of the longest-running Oklahoma holiday traditions is the BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle. Like every year, Oklahomans will hear the familiar tune across the airwaves come Thanksgiving. But this year, we want you to sing it with us – loud and clear for all to hear.

If you are an Oklahoman, you have probably hummed or sung along the song for as long as you remember. Maybe you were among the many people who have sung the song with your family at the mall before.

After 6-years, we’re bringing back this nearly 40-year tradition… 2020-style.

Instead of filming people singing the Jingle in a busy public space like a mall, we’re keeping our Jingle fans safe and distanced by recording their performances via Zoom. This allows us to do something we’ve never been able to do – connect friends and family, near and far, to sing the Jingle together!

The fun starts the week of Thanksgiving. Want to join in?

Select a day and time that suits you best, and we’ll automagically schedule a Zoom session and add it to your calendar. We’ll follow up with reminders, helpful tips, and downloads to make rehearsing and performing the Jingle easy and fun.

Spots are limited. First come, first serve!

An Oklahoma Holiday Tradition

Megan Mullally has done it. Blake Shelton has done it. In fact, countless Oklahomans have done it. They have all sung the song with pride. It has been sent to servicemen and women overseas, sung on airplanes full of homesick Oklahomans, used to lighten the mood at church services, and performed at school pageants. It has even become a standard at many holiday songfests and concerts.

The Jingle was first written and produced in 1956 to announce the annual BC Clark Anniversary sale… you recallMost sales are after Christmas, but Clark’s is just before..’Most everything is marked way down… Savings you can’t ignore.”  

Soon it developed a life of its own. It is quite possible that the Jingle is the longest continuously-running jingle in the United States. And we hope this year’s Zoom experience will continue the fun in a new and memorable way – and help connect Oklahoma families and friends anywhere in the world with a little piece of home.

Anybody and everybody is invited to join. Sing alone. Sing with your family. Sing with your team at work. Sing together but in different places. Simply sing!

Reserve your spot TODAY!

We are proud of this holiday tradition, and we think in a crazy year like 2020, we need to connect around something such wonderful, original, unique, and memorable as the BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle.

To sign up for your singing spot on Zoom, visit

To brush up on the BC Clark Jingle lyrics and music, or download it extra early this year, visit