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The 130th Anniversary Legacy Bracelets

The BC Clark family stands for passion for our craft, and dedication to the people we have served for over 130 years. Over the generations, we have set out to carry and create pieces that will be treasured for generations. We take this commitment seriously and therefore pick nearly every diamond by hand to honor our promise of exceptional quality to our customers. 

Our rich 130-year history is a testament to not only B.C. Clark’s legacy but to the change and growth that Oklahoma has experienced for nearly 13 decades. The Legacy Collection is a statement to our rich story using the very thing we know best, diamonds. 

The Legacy Collection

The Legacy Collection is a series of remarkable and jaw-droppingly stunning pieces of jewelry of the rarest quality, sourced and created to honor the legacy that has propelled our brand for generations. You might remember the first piece in this collection, The Heart of Oklahoma Diamond, and its sister diamond, The Sol Diamond. 

The Heart of Oklahoma Diamond was an 18.92 carat, Internally Flawless, Fancy Intense Yellow Forevermark Diamond meant to represent our founding year, 1892. It took years of searching for this extremely rare diamond and months of evaluation and work from five of the world’s finest diamond craftsmen to unlock the diamond’s potential and bring out its true beauty while cutting the 38.05 carat rough diamond to precisely 18.92ct. Two sister diamonds were also cut from the same rough, the 5.01ct Sol diamond and a 1.12ct diamond. From the waters of Namibia to New York City, Oklahoma City, and even the Red Carpet (worn by Carrie Underwood at the 2019 CMA Music Awards), this diamond has created a legacy of its own. Today, they are known simply as the Heart and Sol of Oklahoma. 

In 2022, we set out to make exceptional happen again. This time in the form of two bracelets to celebrate our 130th anniversary. These bracelets showcase thirteen spectacularly flawless diamonds featuring multiple shapes to represent all of the unique decades throughout our history. We took it a step further by sourcing the perfect stones to create a combined weight of 18.92 carats to commemorate our founding year, 1892.

The Next Step of Legacy:  The Bracelets

It is only fitting that we have chosen platinum, the purest and most rare of the precious metals, for each of these one-of-a-kind bracelets. All thirteen diamonds from each bracelet are Internally Flawless, a clarity grade given to less than 0.05% of all gem quality diamonds, and their combined weight of 18.92 carats is a nod to the year the BC Clark legacy began. Each diamond is accompanied by an individual Diamond Grading Report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), one of the most respected diamond labs in the world.

Cutline: This first bracelet features platinum bars set with micro pavé diamonds, giving the bracelet enhanced sparkle and beauty. The thirteen diamonds are internally flawless and E/F/G in color with a combined weight of 18.92 carats. Price: $385,000.

Cutline: The diamonds in the second bracelet are the star of the show, connected by high-polished platinum bars giving it a timeless elegance. The thirteen diamonds are internally flawless and H/I/J in color with a combined weight of 18.92 carats. Price: $285,000.

Each individual and unique stone represents a decade in BC Clark’s history. This bracelet encompasses the BC Clark legacy from its inception in the corner of a Five-and-Dime store in Purcell, Indian Territory through its move to Oklahoma City, The Great Depression, the opening of new stores throughout the Oklahoma City Metro, and every change in between. The history of Oklahoma runs deep, and with it, BC Clark’s history does as well. 

We invite you to take a trip down memory lane and the decades that brought us to where we are today.

Bracelet Timeline

Reflected in the facets of 13 handpicked diamonds are the stories that shaped our legacy—one for each decade.


In 1892, Benton Clyde Clark, better known as B.C. Clark, opens his first jewelry business in the back of a five-and-dime store in Purcell, Indian Territory. The shingle advertising his shop proudly proclaims, “B.C. Clark, The Big Watch Jeweler.”


Oklahoma is granted statehood in 1907. Meanwhile, B.C. Clark is building his business. Driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to giving every customer an exceptional experience, he sets out to become the most well-known jeweler in Oklahoma.


During the economic panic of 1913, B.C. Clark worries that his jewelry and watch business won’t be enough to sustain his growing family. He begins to offer other merchandise to keep his store’s traffic consistent, selling phonographs, pianos, the first General Electric refrigerators in the county, and Atwater Kent radios. B.C. also operates a car agency selling the sporty Apperson Jack Rabbit and other cars of the era. In everything BC Clark does, quality is his priority.


The 1920s is a turbulent decade. Oklahoma witnesses a boom era as the state taps into its abundant oil resources. As wealth from “black gold” pours in, a crop of “oil barons” emerges, staking an influential claim on Oklahoma. B.C. Clark opens his first shop in Oklahoma City in 1929. After the stock market crash of 1929, many Oklahoma businesses are forced to close their doors. But throughout the Depression, BC Clark remains solvent. Outside-the-box thinking assures a thriving business in the middle of the worst depression the country has suffered. In 1931, B.C. Clark Jr. joins the company at only 17, introducing the second generation of Clarks to customers.


In the early 1930s the railroads changed size requirements for watches providing opportunity. There was pride among the railroad inspectors to own the “newest” and “finest” watches from BC Clark. There was even a program that allowed railroad personnel to have payment withdrawn from their pay to purchase their watches. These partnerships and others like it, brought the company through a challenging decade for the entire country.


In 1942, B.C. Clark Jr. returns from the Navy and makes a plan to expand the business. In 1947, the company establishes a company policy that 3% of sales are donated to a customer’s church of choice. This tradition remains in effect today.


The 1950s is a decade in which BC Clark cements its status as an Oklahoma institution. The first Oklahoma City suburban location opened in the Mayfair shopping center in 1956. That same year the BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle debuted, which will go on to become an Oklahoma Christmas tradition. Dedicated to bringing customers the finest brands of uncompromising quality, B.C. Clark becomes an Official Rolex Jeweler in 1958.


B.C. Clark Sr. remains actively involved in the business until his passing in 1963 at 94 years old. Jim Clark joins the family business in 1966. That same year, the company introduces BC Clark limited edition Christmas Plates, which become instant collector’s items and another storied tradition held dear to many Oklahomans.


The 1970s spell a period of growth, including the move to new Downtown headquarters at 101 Park Avenue at Park and Broadway in 1974. In 1978, the Northpark Mall location is added.


The 1980s are dominated by the “Oil Bust.” Yet, BC Clark remains on solid footing. In 1988, the Mayfair store moves to Penn Square Mall. It’s also the decade BC Clark brings David Yurman, a relatively unknown name at the time, now a globally-renowned brand and fashion icon.


The 1990s bring a period of revitalization to Oklahoma City. BC Clark celebrates its 100th anniversary in 1992, and in 1995 Coleman Clark, today’s company president, joins the business. In 1998, the Pray for Rain engagement ring promotion is born, which has brought hundreds of free rings to customers since. And BC Clark joins the digital age when is launched. Mitchell Clark joins the business, and together, Jim, Coleman, and Mitchell usher the company into the 21st century. The Anniversary Sale —still going strong—hits the national stage when Megan Mullaly sings it on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2001.


In 2007, a new Downtown showroom opens across from The Skirvin Hilton hotel. In 2008, the economy took a hit signaling the beginning of the Great Recession. Thanks to the future proofing mindset modeled by B.C. Clark Sr. all these years earlier, the third and fourth generation steered the company through the recession remaining stable and continuing to serve the community.


In 2014, the Northpark location gets an impressive new showroom. A family business for more than a century, BC Clark moves away from promoting Black Friday and introduces Family Friday in 2016, keeping stores closed so employees can be with their families. In 2019, BC Clark unveils The Heart of Oklahoma – an 18.92 carat, Internally Flawless, Fancy Intense Yellow diamond. Later that year, country superstar Carrie Underwood dons The Heart of Oklahoma diamond ring at the CMA’s while performing on stage. The COVID-19 global pandemic sends shock waves around the world in 2020. BC Clark responds with a message of Faith, Hope, and Love. In 2020, the Penn Square store moves to Classen Curve, BC Clark’s largest location to date. In 2022, BC Clark celebrates its 130th anniversary and reveals the 13 Decades in Diamonds bracelets as part of The Legacy Collection.


The COVID-19 global pandemic sends shock waves around the world in 2020. BC Clark responds with a message of hope and promise. In 2020, the Penn Square store moves to Classen Curve, BC Clark’s largest location to date. In 2022, BC Clark celebrates its 130th anniversary and reveals the 13 Decades in Diamonds bracelets as part of The Legacy Collection.

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