Fleurs de Cerisier by Lalique

Available on display at Classen Curve for a Limited Time

This limited-edition Cherry Blossom Vase by Lalique is brand new to the United States. The bright fuchsia color and gold stamping with white enamel floral accents make it the perfect pop of color for your home.

We are thrilled that we have been given the opportunity to bring this vase to you first. Being #14 of only 88 created in the world makes it a truly rare piece of art to add to your home. Whether you are in the market for a new “wow” piece or just want to come to see its beauty in person, visit our Classen Curve Life:Style department where it is on display for a limited time.

Vase retails for $23,900

“The world-famous and wondrous blossoming of Japanese cherry trees inspired the design of this masterpiece of interior decoration. Illuminated with gold and highlighted with enamel, applied by hand, cherry blossoms symbolize the ephemeral character of beauty and life.”

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