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Product SKU: CGB03070

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In addition to accepting credit cards, we also accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and these buy now, pay later options:

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In order to better serve each of our customer’s unique needs and ensure all are treated with the utmost care, we offer in-house financing.

To get started, download our credit application and learn more about our financing options in our financing page.

Legends Naga Beaded Bracelet

From the Legends Naga collection, this silver bracelet features two silver dragons facing each other along a chain of fine beads. It is adorned with a striking combination of gemstones including blue sapphire, opal, lapis lazuli, hematite, pyrite, and kyanite, adding a captivating and luxurious touch to the design. This bracelet is a stunning representation of the collection’s mythical and intricate craftsmanship.


SKU: CGB03070

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